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At normal temperature, FK-5-1-12 fire fighting agent is colorless, transparent and insulating liquid. it is the novel environmental harmonic and clean extinguishing agent. Noah5112 is listed in standard documents such as ISO14520-2006 Physical Characteristics of Gas Extinguishing System, the System Design, NFPA2001 Design Specification of Clean Gas Extinguishing System, and the application-design of the product is normatively described.
FK-5-1-12 fire fighting agent is a novel substitution of halon extinguishing agent. It helps engineers and facility managers meet environmental regulations while helping ensure the safety of people, reduce risks and preserve business operations with minimal downtime. It features zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1. FK-5-1-12 also has the largest safety margin for use in occupied spaces of all clean agents. It effectively extinguishes fire faster than inert gas or water mist systems, requires less volume of fluid and is safe for use with electronics.
鈼?/strong>Physical properties of Noah庐5112:
Molecular mass316.045
Boiling point at 1atm49.2鈩?/p>
Freezing point-108鈩?/p>
Critical temperature168.7鈩?/p>
Critical pressure18.65 Bar
Critical density639.1 kg/m3
Heat of vaporization at boiling point88.0 kJ/kg
Liquid Viscosity @25鈩?/p>0.524 cp
Solubility of water in Noah5112 @25鈩?/p><0.001 wt%
Specific heat锛宭iquid@25鈩?/p>1.013 kJ/kg 鈩?/p>
Specific heat capacity at room temperature@25鈩?1atm0.0733m3/kg (1.175ft3/lb).
Saturated liquid density锛?5鈩冿級1.60 g/ml
Vapor pressure锛?5鈩冿級0.404 bar
Insulating property (110k)3.8mA (Standard leakage current鈮?0mA)
Dielectric strength (kV)74.6 kV (Test distance 3mm)
鈼?/strong>How it works:
Liquid to gas 鈥?how it works
The following chart illustrates that Noah庐5112 fluid is able to effectively vaporize over the expected range of design concentrations. Water is shown for comparison, because the evaporative behavior of water, while uncharacteristic of many fluids, is a more common experience. The left-hand ordinate measures the vapor pressure of the pure liquids in atmospheres. The right-hand ordinate measures the gas-phase concentration of Noah庐5112 fluid or water assuming ideal solution and ideal gas behavior of a mixture with air at 1-atm total pressure (the liquid is considered a pure phase). In addition, boundary lines are drawn to represent a typical 4.5-10vol% Noah庐5112 fluid concentration range for extinguishing or inerting applications. The plot shows that at an ambient 20鈦癈(68鈦癋) room temperature liquid Noah庐5112 fluid will evaporate to create a 32vol% vapor, well above that of typical extinguishing concentrations for the material. Once evaporated, there is no driving force for a vapor to condense into a liquid unless the vapor/air mixture is compressed or cooled below its dew point. In fact, the vapor pressure of Noah庐5112 fluid is such that it would support
an extinguishing concentration of 5vol% at a temperature as low as 鈥?6鈦癈(3鈦癋). Water does not support a 5vol% concentration in air until the temperature exceeds 33鈦癈(91鈦癋).
鈼?/strong>Main application:
1. Noah庐5112 is a green environmental, efficient and clean fire extinguishing agent, can be widely used all over the regional or local regional fire extinguishing system and portable fire extinguisher, especially applicable to electronic control center, computer room, transformer room, power distribution cabinets, wind power equipment room, energy storage power station, high precision instrument, museum, data processing center, ship control rooms, new energy vehicle lithium battery protection and other occasions of fire protection.
2. It can be used as coolant for electronic equipment and protection gas for light metal smelting. It can also be used to replace sulfur hexafluoride for transformer protection.
Quality control
We have a strict quality control system, Professional QC team.
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We can customize the package and label.
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