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[DISTRO LINUX] DSL - Damn Small Linux v4

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Aggiornato alla versione 4.4


Changes for v4.4
* New Lua/Fltk refactored for enhanced performance.
* New Fltk library now available for C/C++ programs.
* New fldiff - File Diff GUI Viewer.
* Update to rsync to v3.0.2
* Updated mydslBrowser - new feature "Download Only"
* Modified "X Window Snapshot" to save image file with date.
* Added dfm association for easy display of "X Window Snapshot" images.
* Updated .torsmorc for more consistent "used/free/total"
* Restored Firefox default search engines.
* New low resource background & theme.
* New font added smoothansi - used in jwm menu.
* New .luafltkrc for Lua/Fltk theme and defaults.
* Updated dmix.
* Updated man script, new -o -b options and site.
* Fixed permissions on fusermount.
* Fixed cpanel bug to turn off ssh daemon.
* Modified nfs-common to also start portmap when needed.
* Patched kbdconfig to properly select keymaps.
* Modified .bash_profile to eliminate an extra login shell.
* Updated cgi example test.lua to call proper cgi.lua
* Removed stray line in Fluxbox menu.
* Updated "Getting Started" document with Wiki link and wireless info link.